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About us

The company, eDev Technologies, was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in Toronto Canada. eDev supports clients, in their local time zones, worldwide from its North American and Asian based offices, as well as through its network of global partners.

In the early days while providing application development services to its clients, eDev’s founder, Asif Sharif, recognized a gap in the common understanding of requirements amongst project stakeholders. The idea behind the creation of inteGREAT was to develop a software platform that works as a virtual bridge between developers, testers, business analysts / requirements engineers and industry experts.

Our Clients

Our version

Insightful software

eDev has a vision to successfully optimize client product and system development lifecycles.


We have history to implement effective processes for translating and converging business needs with IT needs, quickly and efficiently.


eDev allows its clients to concentrate on developing more applications that further assist business operations.

How are we different

eDev is as client-centered as its product is results-centric. Each user´s depth of knowledge and experience often determines just how useful a tool becomes. This is the reason why eDev, through its comprehensive education and training programs, makes certain that customers have a firm grasp of the basics on which to build. In addition, eDev also understands how valuable inteGREAT™ is to customer’s bottom line; so it offers professional services to directly assist in assimilating the application into operations.